The Liar's Chair

The Liar's Chair

"Set in and around Brighton, Rebecca Whitney’s debut novel The Liar’s Chair is the tale of a toxic marriage. Both compelling and unsettling."

Laura Wilson Guardian

"Those Gone Girl-inspired thrillers are going nowhere. Rebecca Whitney’s debut, The Liar’s Chair, is about a seemingly perfect relationship that’s actually toxic."

(Glamour magazine, Entertainment 2015: The Ultimate Edit)

"There are echoes of Gillian Flynn’s 2012 blockbuster Gone Girl in this compelling debut … a fresh example of ‘domestic noir’, the story focuses on a marriage that is deeply flawed, but this time it is the wife alone at the epicentre … taut and heart-rending, it paints an uncomfortable portrait of a woman tearing herself apart over a murder she never intended to commit."

Daily Mail

"Rebecca Whitney presents a harrowing psychological thriller with The Liar’s Chair … a shocking close, unpredictable until almost the final page. Impossible to put down."

(Image Magazine)

"An unsettling portrayal of a toxic relationship, this pacy debut thriller is pitch dark."

Sunday Mirror

"Whitney’s The Liar’s Chair may, like Gone Girl, have a toxic marriage at its heart, but the story Whitney tells is of a woman who has lost the ability to connect to anything in her life. Adrift from everything, including her emotions, Rachel haunts her own story, wrongfooting the reader throughout. Like many of the new breed of bad girl stories, Rachel’s draws its power not so much from her bad behaviour - drugs, drink and casual sex - but from the convincingly claustrophobic details of her home life. Where fictional anti-heroes live their lives in public, making their mistakes at work or walking down Philip Marlowe’s mean streets, these anti-heroines operate in a domestic sphere."


"A convincing and intelligent psychological thriller by a gasp-inducingly good new writer."

Saga Magazine

"A stylish, Brighton-based psychological thriller that blows open the smokescreen of superficial happiness in a successful young couple. This British noir is the work of Rebecca Whitney, an extremely promising literary newcomer."


"This impressive debut will cleverly draw you in, then spit you out shivering and on edge."

The Sun

“The Liar’s Chair is riveting, a dark story of desperate people and reckless acts. You won’t want to put it down.”

Jane Casey, bestselling author of the Maeve Kerrigan series

"Disturbing and realistic. I recommend it to readers who love a good thriller - and a tale of redemption … An impressive debut thriller … it is sleep-with-the-lights-on chilling … Whitney is definitely a name to keep your eye on."

Stylist Book Wars

“From the very first pages, I was genuinely hooked. Rebecca Whitney builds the tension to unbearable heights from the very first scene and doesn’t let up until the final page … With beautiful language and a thrilling narrative, Whitney skilfully opens the door on this insidious and toxic relationship, and I defy anyone not to read it in one sitting.”

Sam Hayes

"The Liar’s Chair is riveting, a dark story of desperate people and reckless acts. You won’t want to put it down. Jane Casey, bestselling author of the Maeve Kerrigan series Cleverly constructed, chilling and deeply disturbing, The Liar’s Chair is a compelling psychological thriller that dissects an outwardly perfect marriage and reveals the dark, decaying heart at its core. A brilliant debut."

Emlyn Rees

"The Liar’s Chair is one of those books that you has you racing through it … you desperately need to know what happens. Dark and atmospheric, with a fascinatingly complex central character - this is a book that holds nothing back."

Kate Hamer, author of The Girl in the Red Coat

"Rebecca Whitney’s debut thriller takes you on a twist-filled tour of a marriage made in hell. With stunningly good writing, Whitney not only provides the thrills, but offers up a wrenching portrait of a fractured heroine. I eagerly await her next book."

Peter Swanson, author of The Girl with the Clock for a Heart and The Kind Worth Killing